Shyly Exhibitionistic 

The area around Sixth and Market is changing. Known as one of the most poverty-stricken parts of the city, Central Market has seen a recent surge of new businesses moving in alongside old stalwarts. The neighborhood is peppered with indie shops and boutiques, restaurants, and a host of cultural organizations. Among the newest galleries is Satellite66. Since opening in August the space has hosted a string of forward-thinking exhibitions by the likes of Fernando Orellana and Anja Leonora Ulfeldt. It recently served as the center of a “200 Yards” show, featuring photographs that captured the complexities of life within 200 yards of the gallery. The newest exhibit, “Gregory Eltringham: Something for Everyone,” gives the district another strong cultural jolt. At first glance, Eltringham’s paintings look like they might have hung in your grandparents’ living room — domestic interiors and portraits with a distinctly retro feel, rendered in loose, confident brushstrokes. Upon closer inspection, a kinky undercurrent comes through the Savannah artist’s work. The matched pieces Nag and Filly each depict a woman wearing not much more than a horse’s head, while paintings Suck and Crawl Space are even more blatantly sexual. Eltringham creates his own world of half-perceived encounters and mysterious goings-on, and he encourages the viewer to peer into the shadows with him.–san-francisco-bay-area-3004144-e/

Gregory Eltringham in SF WEEKLY | 2012 | Press